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toast with an egg in the middle

liz lamoreux

Imagine you find yourself alone in your kitchen.

Alone with a silent house and no one needs you for the next two hours. (No one needs you. Seriously. This moment is just for you.)

And you are hungry.

And you remember that you want to attempt the "toast with an egg in the middle" dish you ate for breakfast in Portland on Saturday. Or rather you watched your daughter eat because suddenly she was hungry and wanted everything on your plate.

So you get to it.

Step 1: Gather a piece of bread + butter + an egg. And decide to practice with your 50mm lens and put the egg in a dish


Step 2: Use a juice glass to "cut" a hole in the middle of the bread. (Consider first beginning to melt the butter mentioned in Step 3 if you aren't stopping to take photos.)


Step 3: Warm up your pan over medium heat and begin to melt a good amount of butter. (The butter really seems to be the key.) After the butter melts, put the bread in and turn it over so both sides are covered with at least some butter.

Step 4: Crack that egg and put it right in the middle of the bread.


Step 5: While the egg cooks, pour yourself a cup of coffee in your new favorite mug.

Step 6: When the egg settles in the middle, flip it over and marvel at the fact that you didn't burn side one. 


Step 7: Add your little circle from the middle of the bread and let it cook while side two cooks for just a minute or two.

Step 8: Scoop that egg out of the pan, put it on your new favorite plate, and set the table while the little circle of bread cooks for another minute. (Consider how much easier it would be to just add the circle at the beginning and decide to do that next time.)


Step 9: Grab a favorite book of poetry on your way to the table and take a moment to breathe in all the joy of these colors and the quiet and this time just for you.


Step 10: Eat it up. (And maybe even find yourself right in the middle of a poem that takes your breath away and reminds you of why you know "poeming it out" will save you again and again. Yes.)

What have you been cooking lately? I'm having some fun in the kitchen again and would love to know.

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