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this week

liz lamoreux


EJ tea set


this week has been full of birthdays (ellie's and mine; jon's was last week) and a visit from my mom and more organizing (to continue to create a house that looks like i feel on the inside) and planning (in august the garage is becoming my studio!) and a few adventures and a first trip to the dentist and a few other things.

i am working on the first post for the Inner Excavate-along that starts Monday (i hope you will join us!) and i might have spent part of this evening decorating my journal cover with a lot of gorgeous washi tape (because...well...why not?). and now, i'm finally editing some of the photos taken this week.

i took a lot of photos during ellie's birthday last sunday. we spread out opening presents throughout the day (and a few spread out throughout the week) to avoid too much overwhelm. it was a good plan for her. right before we had cake, she opened her tea set.

on a whim, i decided to get this one that i had been eyeing for a long time. and she loves it and has played with it everyday since. it has also helped her to sit at the table more, which is awesome for all of us (especially since the table is actually staying "cleanish" right now so meals are being eaten by all of us there).

this photo of her getting ready to reach for the sugar bowl as she's just realized it has a lid simply delights me.

you might also notice that she really loves bows. and she wants to wear a lot of them at once. when she gets up in the morning, the first thing she usually wants is her sparkle shoes followed by her bow(s). though now she is loving to switch between the sparkles and her new lizard converse, which look especially fantastic with her party dress, which must go on her body right away whenever she spots it even if that means over pajamas. 

gosh i adore this kid and the way she moves through and sees the world.

and i guess i just feel really moved to say this in case these are words you need to hear today (i needed to remind myself of them a few minutes ago): it's okay to ask for what you need this weekend. maybe you need to sleep in. or rest. or have a long talk with a friend. or eat a cupcake. or get your hair cut. or take a photo walk. you can even ask you to give you what you need.

blessings and light,