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this girl, she...

liz lamoreux


this girl, she struggles with holding it all up. (most days, she feels invited to hold it (all of it) together.) she feels invited to hold it all together when most days she is just trying to hold onto the pieces of her heart. 

this girl, she tries to hold her heart together, but as she goes about all that she must do, she wonders. 

she wonders what it might be like to let go. she wonders what it might be like to let go and loosen the grip on what is supposed to be. to loosen her insistent hold on what was supposed to be. to let go of the holding it all (holding her heart) together.


today, this girl, she takes a breath and walks outside. she walks outside and holds her heart and seeks.

she turns her face toward the sun with her cracked open in pieces but holding on heart inside her, and she stands in the light.

she stands in her light, and she listens.

this girl, she stands in the quiet just long enough to hear her own truth whispering inside her.