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things i keep meaning to tell you...

liz lamoreux

how I'm feeling these days
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If we were settling in for a long conversation over a pot of tea, these are a few of the silly, serious, everyday things that might come up today:

1) Earlier this month we saw Fabio at the grocery store. Yes. That Fabio. He was there promoting something. There were a lot of women waiting to meet him. They were putting on lipgloss. We were just buying lunch.

2) I finally bought a huge calendar for my studio wall and am planning to use Elise's sticky note method to keep track of blog posts/projects so that my content will be more consistent over here. My schedule has felt upside down since the holidays, but I'm craving a rhythm again. Small movements each day to get back to this rhythm are helping. (Revisiting the wisdom in Zen & the art of being a work-at-home mama is helping too.)

3) Several loved ones are having some health issues right now, and almost each day, we've been lighting a candle with the specific intention of sending them love and light and healing. I share this because this simple practice helps me feel like I am doing something when it feels like there is little I can do from far away. 

4) My retainer broke. Yes, my retainer. The one that has been on the back of my front lower teeth for 23 years. Twenty-three years. I haven't felt the back of those teeth since I was in 8th grade. Wow. It is awesome. Except for the glue/cement stuff poking me that will be there until I can get in to the dentist. Still, flossing is like my new favorite past time these days.

5) In the last few months, I've become one of the top 25 most followed Pinterest users in the world. I know. It is crazy. So crazy that I have struggled trying to talk about it over here because it was so unexpected. For a few months now, Pinterest has recommended boards to new users based on a few pins they choose. My "YES" board is one of those recommended boards. I say again, crazy.

So far it has meant a few interesting opportunities, like being one of the first users of Luvocracy and being asked review things. (Yes, I would be delighted to review this new chocolate [post coming soon] because who turns down chocolate. No, I don't need new car mats or want to do a giveaway for them.) It has meant a slight increase in traffic over here on the blog. (Yes, it is really fun to be connecting with a new audience. No, it doesn't mean I now have millions of readers here or thousands of customers for my offerings.) I look forward to sharing more about this wacky, fun new path of seeing myself as a curator. And connect with me over on Pinterest. I'm having a lot of fun and will be sharing more about how I use Pinterest for inspiration and other good things here on my blog.

6) Feeling deeply called to gather with women in person. Teaching, sharing stories, creating together. Spending time thinking about how that could happen. Knowing in my bones that this is my path. Hosting my retreats fills me up but I'm only able to organize a small handful a year. So I'm hoping to be invited to teach other places...to visit you in your corner of the world and help you create a safe space where your kindreds can connect. Also dreaming about holding "retreats for one" here in my corner (where women would come for a personal retreat with me as their guide). 

7) The part where "they" tell you to be careful what you say around kids when they start talking is true. I know you know that. But each time I swear and Ellie repeats whatever fantastic phrase I've said in a sing songy voice while dancing...well, those moments are equal parts awesome and oh my goodness please don't say that in front of Grandma. 

Now, it's your turn. What would you share over tea today?