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there are things i want to tell you

liz lamoreux

current studio altar

I want to tell you about the sound the rain is making as it drills onto the roof today. And then it taps. And then dances. And it is insistent. And almost relentless. And it has given me a rhythm to make sense of things.

I want to tell you about how it felt to sit in a classroom last evening and listen to someone talk about my child as a student. Suddenly I saw years pass in front of me, and I thought about how important my first, second, and third grade teachers were to me, and I imagined my own daughter sitting at a desk a couple of years from now watching how her teacher moves and talks to others and wanting to be like her. And I was so struck by the beauty of it all that I could have ugly cried right there.

I want to tell you about the synergy of collaboration and how there can be an exquisite awesome found when two people just show up as themselves and share without fear and with their hearts open to all the crazy and the brilliant. (And I want to tell you that this isn't always easy to find but it is always worth nurturing if you suspect it might be there.)

I want to tell you about the dream I had about my grandparents' house last night and how I could see every detail in every room and how just at the end of the dream I realized that someone else is living there now and I saw my hand writing those people a note of gratitude for holding the love in that house for me since I won't ever be inside it again.

I want to tell you about the way my heart feels extra big today (and I kind of don't want that feeling to ever go away even though it isn't quite comfortable).

I want to tell you about how this article takes my breath away. And I mean literally. I mean I'm still crying. And you should go and read it. Or save it for when you need to be reminded that life is about being "all in" to the last minute. But whatever you do, don't just pass over it. It is a must.

I want to tell you that you are not alone in it over there.

I want to tell you how grateful I am to know you are out there.

And you? What do you need to tell someone today?


Using the prompt "I want to tell you" is a favorite of mine. Today's post was inspired by the newsletter my friend Jenna sent out today. She has a new short writing ecourse that starts Sunday. It's all about writing into the heart of your story. And it is going to be so good. Check it out here.