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the thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

liz lamoreux


just shy of 36 weeks, about 10 days ago . photo by Jon

oh the monkey mind with its active, neverending jumping from one branch to another combined with pregnancy brain...quite the combination...just a few of the things my brain has sifted through today:

this might be the last day that i spend more than 15 hours on my four jobs (editor, author, etsy shop girl, retreat organizer) for months.

when is the nesting going to cause me to actually dust the dust i see on this table next to me?

i heart iced tea.

love that my hair is wavy when i take it out of the funny poofy buns i had it in today. i should take a photo. right now. but i don't want to move.

millie is the sweetest. how is she going to react to the adventure/noise/craziness that is to come? (ahh...how am i going to react to it?)

something has to be done with the little room this summer. too crowded. horrible light. it needs a makeover.

a book that i wrote is coming out this year. as in coming to a store near you. (breathe)

i can no longer avoid the fact that i am super duper pregnant. me. and instead of being terrified, i am just really looking forward to meeting her. but i am also mystified that she could decide she wants to show up at anytime. like now or now or........now.

why did you let me cut my own bangs when i was tired over the weekend? i am sweeping them to the side hoping no one notices that they are kinda reminiscent of my fifth-grade handiwork years ago.

how many times can one go to the bathroom in one day?

does anyone else wish that their friends lived closer to them or does everyone else just have friends across the street to visit anytime they want?

it is so quiet today. not one phone call.

thank you notes. gotta get on those.

there are members of my family just waiting to become grandparents. i bet that is a very cool feeling.

i wonder if my mom wishes she could talk to her mom about the grandparent thing.

paul simon. love him.

dancing the baby into my pelvis playlist. gotta finish it. so far: home, proud mary, graceland (the entire album), loreena mckennitt, a few from the chocolat soundtrack...what else?

close your eyes right now baby girl and remember who you are.

i wish you were here.


a teeny sneak peek about the fall 2010 be present retreat, reveal, is up. more information to come friday!

loving this anne lamott article kelly rae sent me earlier this week.

and this post of jen lee's spoke right to the guts of who i am.