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the stories waiting inside

liz lamoreux

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There are a few stories currently on a list in my head that are insisting on becoming words on the page. When this happens, I open up my favorite green Smash journal and add them to the "stories I want to tell" list.

Adding bits and pieces to this list feels really important; otherwise, the stories seem to fly through me. From the words Ellie Jane says to the bits of memories from long ago that will arrive unannounced, I keep adding snippets of stories to the list. 

Tonight, somewhere in the softness I'm trying to find these days and the quiet that arrives after she goes to bed, all I can think about is writing the story of what it really means to have someone catch you.

An invitation: If you don't already, begin to make a list of the stories waiting inside you. Stories from today, last week, and even 30 years ago. It is time...