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the simple moments

liz lamoreux

I’m letting the simple moments surround me right now. 

The finding half and half in the back of the fridge when you ran out of soy creamer moments. The need for vitamin C and remembering the orange in the bowl on the kitchen table moments. The still growing on the pot on the counter Thanksgiving herbs inside a “why not add prosciutto and Gouda” omelet that somehow all stayed together and looks like it was made at a Mother’s Day brunch years ago moments. The curling up with a good escapism sort of book and just leaning into rest moments. The laughter in the most unexpected stories moments. The sitting as a family and reading winter and holiday books with hot cocoa by the tree moments.

I’m letting the exhale of “yes, this” found in these moments lead me right now. 

Because inside there are moments of overwhelm when I realize I still have gifts to buy. Because inside I’m having moments of grief. Because inside there is a joy blooming each time I see my daughter’s face when she gets home from school and runs to look at the Christmas tree.

And the simple moments help me find my footing again. The daily practice of just noticing gratitude and how things went just right and the opening up toward beauty light my path even when I forget to bring a flashlight.

If you are feeling a bit lost or in the overwhelm or just needing a hug, let the simple moments...the simple pleasures...the “yes, this” moments guide you.

A prompt: Consider capturing some simple moments with your camera and tagging them with #yestothismoment so we can find one another on Instagram and Twitter (or even sharing them over on my Facebook page). We can light the path together.


I'm so grateful for companions on this journey and for those of you saying "yes" alongside me. This post above was part of my "adventures in creative self-care" newsletter that I sent out last, and I thought you might want to join in and pause to find the simple moments in your day. (And if you'd like to receive reminders like this in your inbox, you can sign up here.)