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the random thoughts of the last few minutes

liz lamoreux

strawberries + cream
strawberries + cream. what more could a girl want really?


today has been too quiet. 
i wrote a rambling complaining sort of a paragraph here and deleted it.
i keep humming "hallelujah" after hearing it on the "hope for haiti" special tonight.
sometimes i wish i could flip a switch and cause my mind to simply settle in for a nap.
when the baby moves, sometimes i feel like she is pulling right on my heart.
sometimes i forget i am pregnant and then the baby will move and for split second i wonder why i am having such odd indigestion.
having a clean house is really the best thing ever.
i wish i could wave a magic wand and all would be okay.
there are still some strawberries and cream in the fridge from last night and i might go have some right now.
though i kind of want a chocolate milk shake.
i wish you were here. 
i hope i am going to be a good mom.
i am taking another breath right now.
and another.
i am trusting in what i know.
i am terrified.
i hope we have blue sky again tomorrow and if we do, i promise to leave the house.
millie is just staring at the door waiting for jon to get home.
may (only) sweet dreams visit you (and me) tonight.


PS more information about the week of pink (that i mentioned in the previous post) to come this weekend. i am thinking photos, stories, whatever you want to share. will post more thoughts soon.