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the moments (of the last few days)

liz lamoreux

point defiance park view of puget sound . january 10, 2010

i have been more tired than productive (and productive is something i need to be) this weekend and last week was filled with quite a few emotional highs and lows in that way life is sometimes, but tonight, i am moved to share the moments of the last few days...


soaking up every word of a homemade life: stories and recipes from my kitchen table by molly wizenberg (i will write more about it soon. it is more like a gift than a cookbook. i am simply smitten with every page and am savoring the last few chapters like the last godiva chocolate).


watching julie & julia for the first time. what a joy that movie is. signs point toward me spending more time in the kitchen soon (hopefully when my mom visits next week, we can cook together and i can push away from nausea and lean in toward the goodness of cooking for and with my family).


taking a walk along puget sound with jonny. spotting a seal. sharing a few dreams. watching a little boy with his parents, so quick to explore on legs that have probably not been walking for too many weeks.


curling up with millie on the new red sofa. she seems to be very interested in my belly these days.


feeling grateful for friends who listen (especially when tears are falling on this end of the line).


angel hair pasta. really, i simply cannot get enough. and luckily i have a husband who doesn't mind cooking it (and everything else we eat around here these days).


enjoying a (new to me) movie called possession. the title invites one to think it is much different than it is. i found it to be a beautiful movie weaving two stories, one from the past and one now. a little poetry, a lot of romance, some heartache, wonderful music. i must investigate the book i think.


letting go of needing to answer email right away. i know it can be maddening to wait for someone to reply, but just remember, sometimes that someone is taking a break from the computer or just trying to get by or growing a human or spending time with family or breathing in and out or doing the best they can. (i will write back when i can. promise.)


spending time on etsy adding some things to my favorites, such as this and this and this.


naps under vintage quilts, one made by my great-grandmother and others thrifted. vintage quilts invite the best naps i think.


and in this moment, i wonder how things are in your world. what things did you fill up your weekend with? how are you? what are you wishing these days?


blessings and light, liz