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the beauty of the everyday moments

liz lamoreux

In April, we'll explore the practice of finding the beauty in our every day and capture these moments through our camera lens. Along with all the other good things you receive with a membership to Hand to Heart each month, there will be a simple photography prompt to explore each day. This is one of the prompts we'll be exploring:

Last week, as the late afternoon eased into evening, we took a walk around our neighborhood. One of my favorite things to do is to take my camera along to gather evidence of how the season's are changing right where I live.

While we walk, I pause to quickly capture colors and textures and sounds with my camera.

Often I don't look through the lens, I just snap and look later, as I try to tap into my child self who isn't thinking about "how good the photo is" but is instead just looking at the world with wonder.

With the photo above, I just pointed my camera up toward that gorgeous blue sky and the forsythia blooms and snapped without looking through the viewfinder.

Sometimes I put my camera right on the ground to see what I can find at an ant's view. The photo above was taken with my camera right on the ground, me bending over just to press the shutter button. 

When I stood up, I realized I'd really just been taking a photo of a patch of grass. Who would have thought that this field was just waiting right there?

Try it today: Get outside and find the simple beauty and wonder of your world. And then come back here and tell me all about it.


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