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november 29

liz lamoreux


i have been working at the kitchen table this weekend...


gathered vintage lace, buttons, pieces of the past come together to remind me of where i come from


i feel blessed that i get how important it is to look back in order to understand where i stand in this moment

and you? where has this weekend taken you? what do you know in this moment?

and so it begins (again and again and again)

liz lamoreux

ripple 1

Last winter, like many other bloggers who dabble in artsy+crafty things, I was quite inspired by Jane's and Alicia's ripple blankets. Those two seemed to have inspired a movement over at "the no-end-in-sight ripple along."

After reading about everyone joining in on the fun, I wanted to crochet. Like. right. now. So, when my mom and I met for a few days in Arizona, I brought along my crochet hook so she could teach/remind me how to crochet. I learned about 20 years ago from Nanny…not my grandmother but the mother of my second cousin's wife who was a bit like a grandmother to me at times…and I crocheted a few potholders that year. I loved it, but I didn't pick it up again until February of last year. As my mom and I worked on a couple of scarves, I settled into the rhythm that is knitting and crocheting. Several scarves later, the rhythm of crochet resonates deeply in me.

And, I felt ready to make an afghan. And, of course, not just any afghan…THE afghan.

So I tried one pattern and crocheted my heart out throughout the second half of the Super Bowl. By the end of a very long row three, it was apparent that I did not understand the pattern even though I kept trying.

I tried another pattern I found online…but just couldn't get into the rhythm at all. It involved a chain stitch after a few stitches several times and I kept forgetting it and wouldn't realize it until the middle of the next long row.

Then the book Vintage Crochet arrived in all its gorgeousness.

To begin the chevron pattern, I needed to chain 216 +3.

I, of course, chained 219 +3 because I kept repeating 219, 219 in my head while counting.

I didn't realize the problem until things got wonky in row three.

So, I began again…

Success! I love the rhythm of this pattern. (And, this book seems fantastic. So many brilliant patterns that have an updated vintagey feel.)

ripple 2

Late last night, as I was midway through row six, I paused and looked down and started cracking up. It looks like my color choices were inspired by that very moment in time. (With a bit more light this morning, I have taken a photo so you can see what I mean…)

ripple 3

However, the color palette was actually inspired by the sweater worn by Miss Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I saw that movie three times in the theatre (and once at home since it was a gift for Christmas). I just love that movie (and I want to one day be able to crochet some sweaters like the one Luna wears). It is my favorite so far. I think it is partly because it came out as the book series ended and I felt so sad…but the movie made it seem like the really good part had just begun. Anyway, every time I would see Hermione's sweater for the first time in the movie, I would think about how I wanted to make an afghan with those colors…

And so it begins.

It is scary that I am matching my outfits with my crochet projects? It hasn't been done on purpose…but…it happened last week too

If you are in the midst of a ripple blanket or plan to start one soon, please let me know. We can double crochet rippled stripes together…

an artful blogging party

liz lamoreux

Artsy Mama is hosting a virtual party in honor of the current issue of Artful Blogging and to celebrate artful bloggers. She invited people to share an artsy blog post and maybe a tutorial as a way to participate in the party. There are already some incredible links to posts over on her site.

When I first started blogging, I did not realize how the medium itself and the inspiration I found from others would invite me to dive deeper into a more creative path. Within a few months of beginning my blog, I went from someone who knew which show she watched each hour on the hour during primetime television to someone who spent a lot of free time sewing, sketching, writing, taking pictures, and filling up idea journals.

Being an artful blogger gives me the chance to share what I learn on my journey; my blog is a place to record my observations, my joys, my sorrows, my growth, my not-so-great moments, my truth …It has become a place where I can just sit down comfortably in my favorite pajamas, take a breath, and be me.

So….Welcome to my little corner of the world!

artful blogging party

Oh! I am so glad that you are also wearing your pajamas. Meet Millie, just beware, she will try to get in all your photos. Also meet Betty; she is currently wearing a work-in-progress apron. Please, make yourself at home and have a cup of tea. There are pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Just help yourself. Please, pretend you don't see...the mess. (Whispering: You see, I am getting ready for my first time at crafty wonderland this weekend and my studio has found a way to move parts of itself to the kitchen table, back porch, and…well, everywhere really. Oh please, just move that over, yes, you can sit right there.)

The music line-up is, of course, The Weepies followed by some Paul Simon, then a little Indigo Girls and some other favorites. When you hear the first few bars of Tina Turner's "Proud Mary" get ready because we are all going to stand up and dance, dance, dance. Yes, that means you over there too.


Kari invited all the party-goers to share a tutorial. I am going to share a little meditative "get those creative juices flowing" exercise that you can take home and use whenever you need it:

A Walk with the Senses

Block out a certain amount of time just for yourself, from 10 to 45 minutes (or longer if you like). You are going to spend this time outside. You could simply take a walk near your home, spend time in a neighborhood park, walk downtown, along the water, in the woods…anywhere.

You aren't going to take anything extra with you. No sketchbook or journal or camera or cell phone. Just you.

As you walk, simply notice the following:

What do you hear?
What do you smell?
What do you taste?
What do you (want to) touch?
What do you see?

Feel free to touch things and notice that as well.

If you find your mind wandering away from these things to grocery lists and what you "should" be doing and other things that pull on you, pause in your walk. Close your eyes and take a breath. And then another one. Allow yourself to just notice your inhalations and exhalations. After a few moments, begin to notice your senses again and open your eyes when you are ready.
After you have finished your walk, head back to your creative space. When you get there, spend time creating, writing, journaling about your experience. You might want to create an art journal page or a color palette of what you noticed. You could write about each sense and what the experience was like for you. You might want to write a poem. It is all up to you. Simply allow your senses walk to be a springboard into creating.

I recommend that you head back to your creative space at home so that you won't be distracted by new senses experiences while you are creating. Meaning, if you went on a walk near a lake and then decided to sit down and journal about it near the water, it becomes a different exercise. While you are writing, your senses will notice new things and so on. That is a valuable exercise as well, but this one is centered more on observation and then removing yourself from what you observed. If home might be too distracting, you could head to a café to journal/sketch about your experience. Shape this exercise to be whatever you need.

Finally, as you reflect on your observations, sit and think about what I call the sixth sense: know. (If you have visited me before, you might have seen my "senses" posts. I always include this sixth sense.) Reflect on what "you know" from this experience. You might want to journal about this.


Thank you for stopping by! I can't wait to visit your corner of the world as well today…
To visit other folks participating in Kari's party, check out the ever-growing list of links at the end of her post.

rhythm of possibilty {self-portrait challenge}

liz lamoreux

little room

Sewing in my little room. It is actually pretty clean right now, but from this angle, you cannot tell that at all.

I tend to find sewing meditative. The rhythm of the cutting, ironing, pinning, sewing, snipping, turning, ironing, pinning and on and on. I have time to think as I do these things. Lately, my brain has tended to wander to the idea of possibilities. I am feeling my heart open with this idea…possibility. There is so much that is before me. I just need to give myself a little space to realize this. I need to allow myself to release the fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and self-judgment. It is that darn self-judgment that gets me every time. The comparisons with others and negative voices that echo in my head.

Trying to just find that rhythm of hope and belief.
In myself.

Trying to stay in a rhythm of possibility.

(visit self-portrait challenge for more responses to this month's challenge of environment.)

a reminder...

liz lamoreux

a little piece i made recently for a friend...inspired by a conversation with kelly.

show up

artfest prep is going strong here in the little room. still have to finish my pieces for the gallery and organize my supplies...and...and pack. eek! kelly is here checking her email and we are laughing and solving the problems of the world (already).

some close ups of "show up"

close up

what the tag says

i can’t help myself

liz lamoreux

do you know that part in you’ve got mail where kathleen and frank (meg ryan and greg kinnear) are breaking up and she asks him if there is anyone else (if you haven’t seen it - this is a mutual break-up moment where they both just realized they need to move on) and then she asks him about the republican? and he says, “i can’t help myself.” i love that moment. they are laughing together. it is so good.

when i find myself having a moment where i just can’t stop myself from doing something, i often quote frank in my head.

on tuesday night, when i was completing the “buy 8x8 canvases” step in my steps to do as i gear up for artfest/get my online shop going, i, of course, found myself lost in the little fabric section of the art store that is near my house. and, of course, i found something.

first, i came across these fabrics and i tried to resist. i looked at them: saw the purses in my head. saw the prayer flags. saw the way the fabrics i have at home would match them. even saw this crazy apron/skirt thing i want to create to wear over jeans. but i kept walking. until i circled back. and loaded them into my cart.

couldn't resist fabric

then, while i was waiting to checkout, i was delighted and i mean big-smile-on-my-face-gasp-out-loud excited to see heather bailey’s freshcut line! so, i had to buy some of it as well. i mean, how could i not? it is gorgeous.

fresh fabric

when have you exclaimed, “i can’t help myself” lately?

tangled up in minty green

liz lamoreux

life is like a ball of yarn…

sometimes it is seemingly perfect,

ball of minty yarn

and then there are days when you get lost in the tangles,

tangle of minty yarn

but it is always full of beautiful potential.

minty scarf in progress

This is me trying to be (ahem...) philosophical so that I don’t just take my scissors to this tangle. I would like crocheting a lot more if I didn’t spend twice as long trying to get the yarn into a ball that isn’t tangled than I actually spend crocheting.

Yes, my friends, these three photos are all connected, literally, by a thread.

just can't get enough pink

liz lamoreux

pink buttons spilling

thanks for all the kinds words about my "abloom" purse...

it seems that i am surrounding myself with all things pink lately. i just can't get enough pink in my life...

pink thread

i continue to sew fabric and paper and other bits and bobbins together...even though i am also working on some kind of a sinus infection, i am still having fun with all the ideas flowing through my head that i then translate into something tangible. an idea becomes something i can touch.

kelly and i keep brainstorming about ArtFest and all the fun that is to come. she is also helping me think through creating my shop and some other things. during our conversations, i have had to admit that i think i create obstacles for myself to prevent myself from accomplishing what i really want to do. i don't see it as fear in the moment, but that is what it is. i am giving it a name. it is, indeed, fear. i am afraid to admit what i want and who i am and who i want to be...

i have written down steps, attainable steps, of what i will do in the next few weeks to get my website, etsy shop, and other things together. i took the first step last night (order moo cards to hand out at ArtFest). tonight i went to the art store and bought two 8x8 canvases to use in creating two pieces for the ArtFest gallery (the pieces are already sketched! just have to make them real now). the next steps include creating just the front page for my website, organizing and making my trades for ArtFest, and finishing up a few things for the shop that is to come.

(deep breath mingled with a sigh)

i am so excited.