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a winner...and a few peeks

liz lamoreux

ironing patchwork

congratulations to miss supafly aka Christine from The Sweet Flypaper of Life (aka my boarding school roommate for two years!). she is the winner of the pink and white apron! (i used random.org to choose a number based on the number of comments.) christine, send me an email with your address and i will get the apron out to you next week!

i have been having a lot of fun with fabric this week. i have hit that point where a panic attack is not an option, and i just know i will fit it all in before the big show. (at least that is what stephanie and i keep telling each other. she will be at the farm chicks show too. we are pretty sure that our booths will be next to each other...fantastic fun!)

in progress pillow

i am loving patchwork right now. just makes me so darn happy. and one thing i am learning while in the midst of being a bit of a one-woman sewing factory is that you must, must create what makes you happy.

stack of natasha aprons

natasha aprons are making me smile too as i dive into and pair up some of my favorite fabrics...love thinking about where these aprons will go exploring with their new owners...

hope you are in the midst of a beautiful day, wherever you are...

an apron giveaway

liz lamoreux

pink and white apron 2

as i mentioned friday, i have been finding quite a few vintage aprons lately and wanted to share...so i am hosting a little giveaway for this springy pink and white checked smocked apron and a few other surprises.

(did you catch alicia's joy while smocking earlier this year? i suddenly started to notice smocking everywhere after her series of posts on the topic. items that are "smocked" really are quite adorable.)

to enter this little giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. i would love it if you would share a favorite apron memory or story in your comment. if you don't have one, share something that has made you smile lately. i will close the comments on thursday evening and draw a winner friday.

pink and white apron

comments have been closed for the giveaway. thanks so much for participating. check back friday afternoon for the winner.

a heatwave, some good food, and some aprons

liz lamoreux

apron outfits

we are having a heatwave out here in the pacific northwest. temps to get near 90. i am not a fan of that kind of heat especially because no one has air conditioning here. i begin to feel like i might melt. so today i have played the "keep the windows open even though the morning is chilly and close them as soon as it is warmer outside than inside" game.

instead of getting my grumpy self on though, i decided to think happy summer thoughts and make myself some guacamole for lunch and brew some iced tea. a perfect summer treat that doesn't involve using the oven.

here's my recipe for easy guacamole:

slice 2 ripe avocados and use a spoon to scoop them into a bowl. take a fork and smash the avocados until they are...well...smashed. they should be a bit creamy in texture.
dash in a bit of crazy jane salt and some crazy jane pepper (though we haven't been able to find the pepper, so i am using lawry's lately).
shake in some hot sauce of choice (to taste and optional).
slice up a small tomato (or cut up some grape tomatoes like i did today) and add them to the bowl.
squirt in a bit of lime (or lemon) juice. (if you are going to eat this right away, you don't need the lime juice as it really only to prevent the avocado from browning. however, i also like the taste so i add it when i have it. you don't need much.)

a tip about storing guacamole in the fridge. you don't want any air hanging out with the guac. so, put it in the smallest bowl it will fit in and then tear yourself a piece of plastic wrap. cover the bowl, but before you wrap the plastic wrap along the outside of the bowl, push it in toward the guacamole so that it sits right on top of it. use your finger to "seal" it in and then wrap it around the bowl.


if you have been on my flickr page this week, you might have noticed that i've been wearing an apron each day and taking a photo. i am someone who wears an apron whenever i am creating anyway, but i seldom document my outfits daily. it is helpful to wear one when i am sewing because i can put my ipod in the pocket and the little threads that get cut end up on the apron instead of all over my clothes. though, i learned the hard way that if i am listening to my ipod while standing and bending over with scissors and cutting the threads from the ends of fabric that just got out of the dryer, i might just cut the headphone cord. yep. delightful. it was actually really funny.

aprons also just make me happy. they connect me to the women who came before me, they look cute, they can totally complete an outfit, they can make you feel like you are playing dress up, they are the kitchen accessory, they make me feel feminine, they are useful...how the list goes on.

i have been making several trips to local thrift stores lately looking for a few things i need for my booth at the farm chicks show, and i have been finding some really great vintage aprons. i want to share some...so, check back monday as i am going to have a little giveaway for one of these aprons.

happy friday to you all!

meet natasha

liz lamoreux

charleston, side one

The story of the (reversible) Natasha Aprons

Where is Natasha today? Perhaps…

Walking through Pike Place Market gathering ingredients for bouillabaisse and sour cream biscuits.

Capturing the rhododendrons in bloom while climbing Mt. LeConte.

Browsing the Paris flea markets for love letters from men named Bernard.

Snug at home creating and loving while always dancing in her life.

Natasha never needs much on her adventure, but pockets (for chocolate, a lens cap, tea bag, pencil, journal, and the other tools of her life) are a must. She's found that it's easier to wear her pocket-full apron as she buzzes about in her world, so that she has access to everything she needs.

acapulco, side one

Natasha. The name that was almost mine, but my parents, instead, agreed on Elizabeth. I think of Natasha as an alter ego of sorts out there exploring in the world. Almost like this "other self" and a lot like a self uncaged.

venice, side one

I keep thinking of other places where she might be and what she might be doing…let me know if you run into her…


These aprons were inspired by one that I made for myself this summer. Lately, I have been wearing it as I run errands, as I create in my home, as I go out in to the world and take pictures…the list goes on. It is my current favorite accessory.

I have put a few in my shop. They are in a variety of sizes because I believe that no matter a woman's waist and hip size, she should have an apron she can fashionably wear out in the world.

fort worth, side one from the side

meet betty...and a couple of aprons

liz lamoreux

thrifted apron

my new best girl betty arrived in the mail on thursday. she is a welcome addition to the little room. i knew i would name her when she got here, and as i took her out of the huge "i could make a fort out of this" box, she named herself as i heard "betty" whisper in the air.

i love her.

she is wearing an apron i found yesterday at a delightful antique mall in port townsend. it looks like someone took a tablecloth or table runner and created an apron from it. love how the person used the embroidery for a pocket.

in this next photo, she is wearing an apron my mother and i made together last summer. hard to believe that i was so overwhelmed by the thought of trying to understand how to use my sewing machine a year ago after a 20 year absence from sewing (yes, that means i was about 10 when i was sewing before this last year).

my new best girl betty

i love this apron for many reasons...the colors...the butterflies...but mostly i love it because my mom and i made it together.