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meet natasha

liz lamoreux

charleston, side one

The story of the (reversible) Natasha Aprons

Where is Natasha today? Perhaps…

Walking through Pike Place Market gathering ingredients for bouillabaisse and sour cream biscuits.

Capturing the rhododendrons in bloom while climbing Mt. LeConte.

Browsing the Paris flea markets for love letters from men named Bernard.

Snug at home creating and loving while always dancing in her life.

Natasha never needs much on her adventure, but pockets (for chocolate, a lens cap, tea bag, pencil, journal, and the other tools of her life) are a must. She's found that it's easier to wear her pocket-full apron as she buzzes about in her world, so that she has access to everything she needs.

acapulco, side one

Natasha. The name that was almost mine, but my parents, instead, agreed on Elizabeth. I think of Natasha as an alter ego of sorts out there exploring in the world. Almost like this "other self" and a lot like a self uncaged.

venice, side one

I keep thinking of other places where she might be and what she might be doing…let me know if you run into her…


These aprons were inspired by one that I made for myself this summer. Lately, I have been wearing it as I run errands, as I create in my home, as I go out in to the world and take pictures…the list goes on. It is my current favorite accessory.

I have put a few in my shop. They are in a variety of sizes because I believe that no matter a woman's waist and hip size, she should have an apron she can fashionably wear out in the world.

fort worth, side one from the side