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over here poeming (and artfesting)

liz lamoreux


settling in


I'm having one of those "oh my goodness I am so lucky" sort of days as I am tucked into a quiet I am the only one around living room in a bed & breakfast in Port Townsend watching the rain roll in across Puget Sound as I work on the Poem It Out ecourse.

This trip was a bit unexpected (in a very welcomed way) and here I am with a day and two nights at the B&B before I take Mindy Lacefield's workshop at Artfest on Saturday and then head home. While I am here, I am connecting with friends who are here for Artfest or live nearby and through it all I am coming back to center through laughter and companionship and solitude and words. 

The truth is, life is full of so much that isn't said in a blog or in a Facebook status, and I really needed this time to just take care of me. 

Today, I am surrounded by poems and prompts and am actually dancing with excitement about this new class. I suppose one might even say that today I am in fact poeming it out over here. My current favorite collection of poetry is called What Have You Lost? edited by Naomi Shihab Nye. This book is full of laugh out loud poems and poems that take my breath away with their exquisite sadness. I am soaking up its inspiration...

And you? What are you up to over there in your corner of the world?

dirt and poem notes

liz lamoreux

Somewhere rests a story that involves someone saying, "Didn't you eat dirt as a child? All children eat dirt." 

Before I could answer, my dad said in a very clear, even tone, "Elizabeth, did not eat dirt." 

We were laughing around a dinner table. Me, four and a half months pregnant and wondering about the personality that was becoming inside me, wondering if he or she would be a bit more fearless than her mother.

And here we are, more than two years later, watching this personality develop each day before us.

Fearless. Joyful. (wee bit) Stubborn. Hilarious. Open. Always on the move.

People so often want to "figure out" who she looks like. I just love that she is finding her way to be herself.


Somewhere in the words above rests a poem. I'm not sure where to begin yet. I'm not sure about the title or what the first line will be. But I know that one day soon, I want to revisit these words and these images and these memories and play with a poem.

Until then, I am calling this a poem note because, well, that is what it is. The notes for a poem. Maybe even a few words that will form their way into a poem. I have been writing "poem notes" for a few years now as a way to take those notes without feeling the pressure of writing the perfect poem. Sometimes they end up actually seeming like they might be a finished (or almost finished) poem. Other times they are more notes, like the words above, with images I don't want to forget.

I love the way the poet inside me sees the world. And I am so grateful to poetry for pushing me to let this poet within me breathe.

If you are interested in giving that poet within you space to play and breathe and observe the world around you, consider coming along for Poem It Out. Class starts next Monday, and we are going to have so much fun!

poem it out (a new ecourse)

liz lamoreux

The idea for this ecourse grabbed hold of me last week and wouldn't let go. I am so delighted to be sharing it with you today! 


Poetry is a lifeline for me.

I think it could be one for you, too.

And I want to spend four weeks with you showing you why.

In this online course, we will explore the world of poetry from a place of wonder. We will look for poems that invite us to nod our heads and say, “Me too…me too.” We will face the blank page and say, “Bring it” and write the words that are ready to burst out of us. We will stop everything to Poem It Out.


Dates: April 2 – April 27

Where: The course will be hosted on a private blog and private Flickr group. Although the material will be presented over four weeks, participants are encouraged to work at their pace, and the course will stay up on the blog until May 31 to help facilitate this. The Flickr group will be available indefinitely for continued connection after the course ends. 

Lessons: Juicy poetry goodness will be posted four times a week and will include topics like:

  • Writing and poetry prompts
  • Creating a word toolbox to be a companion when you face the blank page
  • Poetry creative adventure assignments
  • Stories about my own poetry adventures
  • Inspiration posts that will introduce you to poets, poems, and other good things
  • Interviews with poets and poetry lovers

Supply list:

  • Journal/notebook and favorite pen/pencil
  • A camera (any camera is fine, including a camera phone)
  • A Flickr membership (only needed if you want to share your photos)

Updated: Registration for this session of Poem It Out is now closed. To learn more about current and upcoming sessions, head over here.

Please note that an FAQ with answers to some of the questions you might have is included on the Poem It Out page. Feel free to send over any additional questions to me via email.