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liz lamoreux


saying an unexpected goodbye to a favorite cafe

Seven things I heard at WDS that I can't stop thinking about:

1) "Your capacity for wholeheartedness cannot exceed your willingness to be broken hearted." Brene Brown

2) "When we lose our capacity for vulnerability, joy becomes forboding." Brene Brown

3) "I am beautiful." Quote from a woman in Africa who is now able to bathe and wash her clothes when she needs to because she now has daily access to clean water. (From Scott Harrison's speech about CharityWater.org)

4) The idea that when someone says he is disappointed in you, it is really about how you didn't act in the script he had planned for you. [from Chris Brogan]

5) "The best supervillians think what they are doing is good." Chris Brogan 

6) "All of our contradictions make us whole, but we are trained to round off our edges." Danielle LaPorte

7) "Go where the love is." Danielle LaPorte

(I'm so appreciative of your comments and notes about last week's post about opposite assumption. I am thankful to know that others want to have conversations like this one. I have to admit to still feeling that the topic seems trite after all the goodness that went on at WDS. All the same, the topic feels like part of a bigger conversation that I want to keep having here.)


Oh and I'm having a bit of fun changing things up around here as you might have noticed. Back when I lived alone, I would often rearrange my bedroom just because I wanted a new view when I woke up the next day. I've been restless for a new look for this space for over a year, and instead of waiting for everything to be just so, I am diving in. Updates to pages and other good things to come throughout the next few weeks.