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saturday sky on egg and i road

liz lamoreux

when the rain rain rain drips steadily upon us this fall, i want to remember that you turned down egg and i road instead of driving by like always.

i want to remember that you stopped the car in the middle of this quiet road so i could take photos of pink and sky and the miles leading up to mountains.

i want to remember how we talked about my big dream and how we need to explore more roads like this in case it is just waiting for us around the corner.

i want to remember all those flowers quietly growing together along the road as so many birds called to one another while paul simon sang about graceland through the car window.

i want to remember that you really always do give me the space to be me.


"Scenes from This Day" is a prompt in my book Inner Excavation. It's about taking your camera with you on your day-to-day moments and capturing what it is to be in your corner of the world. It's about letting go of the need for the perfect photo from the perfect day and instead using the camera to document the small moments that make up your life. It's about telling the story, your story, in the way that will help you remember the textures and rhythms and sacredness.