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liz lamoreux

so this ruffle obsession, well, i am not kidding. i have been dreaming a bit about possible outfits (and then there is that ever-growing-in-the-middle-of-the-night pinterest board), so today, i "shopped" from my own closet and found some ruffles.

since i posted about my new journal last week, i have been thinking about how your comments and emails reminded me of how much we really just love to know how other people "do it." we sit in our homes around the world from one another, looking at these little boxes and connecting "through" them, and sometimes, it is simply fun to see a glimpse into the ways others live their day-to-day lives. like i would love to know more about your favorite shoes, the books on your bedside table, the way you organize your paper crafting supplies, what your go-to lunch is, where you get your sparkly eye make-up, and how you eat a double-stuff oreo. and if we met up for tea or you came over for lunch, we would share these things.

about a year ago, i mentioned that i wanted to blog more about a few different things, including clothes. but last year i didn't have a smash journal full of blog ideas and i wasn't reminding myself of all the things i wanted to do here in this space, so i didn't post about clothes or lots of other things i meant to. but today, i snapped this photo of this outfit that made me smile and just wanted to share it with you. 

as i was downloading the photo, i started thinking about how i wish i had a group of girlfriends here in my town who i went shopping with. a few girls who would share their go-to places for everything from dresses to yarn to spices. 

but here is the awesome thing: we have each other. (i mean you and me.)

so in case this ruffle-ized outfit that made me feel so happy today is your style, here is some info (and if you just want to let me know how you eat double-stuff oreas or tell me about your current favorite book and skip this part and just head to the comments, that is totally okay):

bloomers: these wide ruffle bloomers from sarah clemens in light brown stripe (looks like she might not have this color anymore, but she has a similar color in a grey stripe). i have quite a few items from sarah and her clothes are well made and adorable.

white layer: sundress from old navy. it actually even has spaghetti straps that tie but i never wear it alone. instead, i always wear it as a layer under something and kind of think of it like a petticoat or slip. (i bought it in three colors and i bet they will have a similar style in stock soon as they already have summer clothes in. this one would work as either this layer or the next.)

navy layer: dress from target several years ago (but it has so many holes in it and a bleach stain on the back that i have started wearing it as my painting "smock" at retreats. but decided to wear it today. i would really like to replace it with one like this from gaia conceptions on etsy. her clothes are wonderful and really well made.)

black layer: this crop top from treehouse 28. (here is the part where i tell you it has taken me several years to figure out how to wear this one with my shape [aka the size of my chest]. finally figured out that the top pairs really nicely with the empire waist items i have.)

scarf: scarf shop giant size in olive moss. martha's scarves are wonderful. so beautifully hand-dyed and so soft.

you can't see: the boots i've mentioned before and these fun (a bit over the knee) knee socks in plum from sock dreams (if you don't know sock dreams, stop everything and head over there. right now.). you also can't really see my favorite "nest builder" necklace by nina or my globe earrings by jen. and the camera strap that i have been using for year is by vmjess.

thank you for indulging me with this list. it is fun to share as though we are sitting at a coffee shop catching up.

tomorrow i am going to check in here about how things our going as we attempt to sit at the table for meals and i try to cook more. i am even going to share a recipe or two. one of them involved purple potatoes!