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liz lamoreux

Best day! So honored to be part of #indiekindred - thank you @jenleedotnet

Indie Kindred panel . photo by Lori Portka

The last few weeks have felt like re-entry on top of another re-entry or two.

Home from the Your Story Retreat to Jon and Ellie and me home all day every single day together to Portland for WDS to home again.

And it has been so good. And so overwhelming. And so fantastic and inspiring. And so "whoa."

But as I sit here alone in the quiet for the first time in days, this is what I know: My heart feels more open and ready than ever before. I feel more supported and understood than I have in a long time. And this combination is creating a groundedness that is going to serve me and the work I'm doing in the world and my family in a way that feels, well, kind of amazing.

I'm ready to begin to have conversations around some big topics (friendship, collaboration, telling the true stories, mamahood, not really "doing it all," grief, and a few others) and I can't wait to have them with YOU! 

I'm ready to step into the truth that I want to gather with women more for conversation and connection. I want to teach more. I want to travel more. And I want to stand on a stage and talk about how we feel less alone when we are brave enough to show up as ourselves. Yes.

I'm ready to let go of a few of the old stories that just aren't serving me anymore. I see them. I know them. And it is time to put them back into the compost pile to fertilize all that is to come.


Oh and Indie Kindred. Wow. I'm so proud of my friend Jen Lee for creating such a gorgeous film. Her first film. And I'm so honored to be in it. Being on stage with such incredible women and talking about the real stuff...a big yes to doing this more.

More on the retreat + a few favorite things from WDS soon! (And check out when Indie Kindred will be showing near you.)