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print it baby

liz lamoreux

a stack of self-portraits, many from my "what is real" series

printing photos used to be the only way to for me to know what my camera captured. now, of course, most of my photos just hang out on my laptop and external harddrives. just waiting around. many don't even get glanced at again, let alone held in my hand or viewed by someone else.

but i am pushing myself to change that. 

i used kodak gallery to upload my photos and then had them sent over to a nearby target to be printed. and the quality was all kinds of oh my goodness pretty fantastic. i am looking at my photography in a new way today because i have held my photos and looked at them without distraction. (distraction = oh another email! or wait, why did i have that window open? or what will someone think if i put this photo of me crying on my blog.)

last night, i put several of these self-portaits alongside poetry into a journal that is housing a project i will be sharing at workshops this year. a simple way to remind myself: this is me.

(when is the last time you printed out a few of your photos? do it. i dare you.)