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over here

liz lamoreux

we found a new to us park


and looked out on Puget Sound while she slept


we created our own board game (love Kiwi Crate!)


I've been playing with beads I've had since high school 


my new iphone cases arrived. with my own images + words. love them.


there has been a lot of coloring + fruit consumption


and adventuring wearing her new favorite hat from Grandma Fina


also four months of Project Life catch up has begun (post to come soon. OH and I love the "a beautiful mess" app. big.)


and we are finding time to notice us


A note from earlier today: I'm sitting in the family room, favorite purple afghan tucked around me, listening to Jon and Ellie chatter away as they play at the kitchen table. There is folk music on in the background, and I'm soaking up the simplicity of it all as the rain falls and I wonder what the day will hold. 

Sometimes you have to pause and really sink into the simple moments and how they make your heart feel. in this moment, I felt truly happy.

This isn't about pretending to have a perfect life. Or not standing in the thick of the tough stuff.

This is about gently pushing yourself to pay attention in the in-between spaces to find the joy, the beauty, the realness.

And for me, it's a lot about choosing love again and again.