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our little tree

liz lamoreux

This year we have just a little tree and it makes all of us so very happy. It looks like a Charlie Brown inspired birch tree trimmed with lights.

It has a few gifts from Nana and Papa underneath and Eleanor can hardly contain herself. We're hoping for snow when we're at Grandma Fina's this time next week and she's already planning the cookies she'll be making and games she'll be playing and and and and. 

Four is awesome. 

Hope you are soaking up the holiday goodness in your corner.

And this is the part where I say that I know how intense this time of year can be. Having my own moments of it here even with the awesome. As you walk through your own stuff in your corner, I hope you remember to let someone know when you need a hug. Seriously. Let's make that your homework: Ask someone for a hug today. 

Love to you,