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november 30

liz lamoreux

thirty days of posts. i have to admit that it was a struggle to post each day and i certainly didn't find what i shared to be inspiring...but at the same time, i am grateful to nablopomo for the push, the invitation, to seek out pieces of goodness from this month when i found myself mostly trying to get through each day.

but there is such goodness.

and i am resting inside the knowledge that love is what it really is all about. friendship, listening, opening, speaking truth, sharing pieces of who we are, finding our way. love.

i am so looking forward to december views. starting tomorrow, i will be staying behind the camera for most of next month. sharing words now and then. dipping my toes back into self-portrait challenge perhaps. capturing the views of this time of year. hoping for snow at some point. cleaning in anticipating guests around the holidays (and wishing for a cleaning fairy to come and help this nausea-focused girl). maybe finding myself in the kitchen making holiday cookies for the first time in years. and always resting inside love and hope.

thank you for you...