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november 24

liz lamoreux




i keep meaning to tell you:

kristen's new collection of outtake takout polaroid fortunes at violet hour photography rocks my world. love these.

we are getting a new couch, a red couch (a comfortable pullout couch for when the time comes that the guest room becomes a nursery). am thinking of making a quilt from some of anna maria's good folks to compliment the couch. haven't made (okay finished) a quilt yet. and will probably do it my way minus a pattern as i just can't seem to want to figure out a quilt pattern. all those little pieces. am thinking huge squares.

i am not a pumpkin pie person (and neither is jon), so we usually make this incredible oh my goodness easy and yummy pumpkin cake. though this year, all i want is to find a bakery that has pumpkin cookies. wish i knew a good bakery in tacoma.

speaking of pumpkin, as soon as i am ready to spend more than three minutes in the kitchen, i am going to make this pumpkin pasta recipe (via alicia and andy).

but since i am not spending any length of time in the kitchen anytime soon, jon is making the turkey this year. a smaller, turkey breast but he is still going to do it my way, which is alton's way (the best turkey recipe ever).

i hope to spend many an hour with my crochet hook over the next few days. hoping to make our christmas gifts. we are going simple and easy this year. might even try to make a hat!

had three good days without horrible nausea. and then today happened. sigh. this has been really rough going. i have found a few things that help (thank goodness and thank you!), but i have basically felt ill for weeks and weeks. it has been a bit intense.

and, i know you know this already, but i am totally pregnant. during the three days when i felt better, i kept thinking that thought repeatedly. i am totally pregnant. w.o.w. when the nausea sets in though i head back into the "just breathe in, breathe out" and "when is jonny gonna get home and rescue me" sort of repeat thinking.

i have been trying to chant every day. i love this practice. and i am thinking about how it must sound to that little baby bean.

totally wishing tomorrow involved heading to cira's for breakfast followed by walking around the farmer's market with my dad. yep. i am certain my brother will sleep in and miss out on this (he is there), but if i could, i would be there. missing my family a lot today.