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november 19

liz lamoreux


manzanita lines . september, 2009

thank you so much for your kind words (and morning sickness advice). reading all your comments here and on facebook has put a smile on my face all day long. it is a real gift to be able to share the joy...

and thank you for embracing my video. i wanted to tell you in the closest way to face to face that i could.

tonight, i am feeling a bit tired of my own words, so i want to send you to read the words of a favorite poem of mine by david whyte. the poem is "start close in," and you can find it by clicking here. (the poem appears in the far left column of this page.) i was lucky enough to hear him read this poem a few years ago.

the rhythm of his reading that night greatly influenced how i write at times and taught me about the beauty that can be found in repetition. as he read, he repeated lines so that we could really hear them, really hear how he said each word. he also shared the stories behind the poetry. if you ever have a chance to hear him, go. you simply must. 

that evening of listening to david whyte was just after a challenging few weeks in my life. the idea to "start with the step you don't want to take" pushed me gently in the way i needed to be pushed. in retrospect, i think it pulled me back to my path of listening and trusting my own inner voice. yes, go and read this poem. read it out loud. right now. to anyone who will listen but most importantly, read it to you.

(unearthers, this is also a link to the book of his poetry that i had in manzanita. this is the poem i read that first night.)