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nine. (written down as they arrived throughout the day)

liz lamoreux



front-yard dusting . march 9, 2009

this morning i awoke to snow on the crocuses. snow on the crocuses. i think this might be a delightful name for a blog or a poem. i should write that poem. perhaps i will. (if you decide to write it though, please share.)

the west wing and mash are my two favorite television shows of all time. all time.

i don't often find myself being pulled back to indiana. but when the snow falls, as it is doing now, and i see the birds flitting about hoping to get a quick bite before the temperature drops, i think about the house on oak road and suddenly i am eleven. i am eleven and the snow is falling at that house and i am looking out the kitchen window at the acres of woods and seeing the trees sway and watching the birds at the feeders, and i am believing that i am okay, that all of us in that house will be okay.

several times today i wished for a cup of coffee...and i almost made one. let me try again, i almost got into my car and went to the drive-through starbucks in my pajamas. instead, i settled for hot cocoa around 4 and was quite happy about that choice.

i really enjoy listening to books on tape...hmmm...i really enjoy listening to books on my ipod although i still call them books on tape. my favorites are mysteries. i love it when the person reading the book acts out each character, assigning a specific voice to each person. my favorites right now, because it is truly like listening to an old radio show, except for the part where it probably isn't as i have probably not really heard "an old radio show" before so let's instead say that it is kind of like what i imagine listening to an old radio show would be minus the sound effects and with a few more gruesome details about the crime scenes and other fun things...my favorites right now are the "In Death" series by JD Robb. I feel pretty okay that I can go from listening to Billy Collins on my iPod to listening to Kenny Rogers sing about a warm summer's eve to reading a (beautiful and deeply meaningful) book by Christina Baldwin to pulling down Kate Chopin's The Awakening to find that one specific passage knocking on my memory to listening to Promises in Death...all in one day. yep. that is a good day in my world.

the nice thing about listening to mystery books while i sew or crochet is that my mind is forced to quiet a bit. sometimes i just can't hush those whirring, swirling thoughts even as i try to let myself relax into the rhythm of creating. a good mystery book captures my attention and gives me the space me to sink into another world while trying to figure out who might have "done it."

i also love listening to memoirs, especially if they are read by the author. (do you have a favorite memoir? would love to add it to my list.)

my hair is long again. i feel like me.

sometimes i think i might be crazy to be trying out this new adventure in the midst of this economy. but then the core of who i am whispers to me and i remember why i am following this dream wherever it might take me...

what thoughts are on your mind in this moment? where are you?