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my heart is full

liz lamoreux


flowers on kelly rae's dining room table (all the flowers in her house made me smile at every turn)

my heart feels full of so many good things this evening and i thought i would share a few...

i am bustling about gathering things for Reveal, the Be Present Retreat that will take place this week. i cannot wait to see the ready to dive into the good stuff faces of the participants and teachers. we are going to have so much fun. (and soon, very soon, i will be sharing sneak peeks into a few of the retreats that are to come in 2011.)

a big thank you to all who visited my shop during my gratitude special. oh my goodness it was such a treat to read the notes from shoppers who were so excited to receive a free simple soul mantra necklace chosen just for them. and because of all your support, we are going to be able to purchase a few things we need for the weeks to come and i am so very grateful for that. (insert a big photo of me with my arms open to envelop you in a hug.) the shop will close tuesday morning for a few weeks while i focus on the reveal retreat and then ellie jane's health needs.

last week, ellie and i took a quick trip to portland to visit kelly rae. it was such a treat to see my friend standing firmly in her motherhood journey as she awaits her son's birth day. and i feel so blessed to be walking beside her as we each learn about being a new mama. (and her new house is so beautiful! i am deeply inspired to do the nesting i didn't really find myself doing while pregnant. later this fall, i plan to pull out all the vintage linens i have been collecting for various projects and begin to actually use them in my own home.) and, we were also lucky enough to see jen and cean for a couple of hours before we left town. so nice to know i can take ellie on quick little road trips to get us out into the world a bit and connect with our extended support system.

friday evening, i turned up macy gray again and sang and danced with ellie. and she laughed the entire time. not kidding here. she laughed through the entire song. it was pure bliss. her laughter and her happy nature feel like such a contrast to her health stuff...but yet here she is giggling her way through a song about how no matter what is happening, there is beauty in the world. 

and today, in this moment, i am holding on to the wise words of jen lemen that fear can be a gift and resting inside the truth that things are unfolding exactly as they should.

yes yes yes.