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march 31

liz lamoreux

On Sunday we were reminded of the gifts we receive each time we get out of the house and go exploring. I love living here.

Yes, the sky really was that blue. 

The first few minutes were spent navigating her way through trusting that she can believe when I say the water isn't going to get her. A desire to talk through fears is common around here right now. (I guess I hope it always will be.)

She kept saying again and again, "These rocks are just so pretty."

When she realized I was collecting seaglass (which was why I wanted to go to North Beach in Port Townsend), she started looking for it too. And she found so many tiny pieces of brown and green and even some deep blue. I couldn't stop smiling so big and wishing my mom and grandma were with us.

Yes, deep blue sea glass. We will go when you visit. (So come soon.)

Even though getting out of the house was intense (I'm never at my best trying to remember everything for everyone), we found our way to kindness and laughter and this moment right here.

I keep thinking about how we have to push ourselves to put family playdates like this one on the calendar. Life unfolds so quickly and the things that must get done do give way to the beautiful moments yet sometimes in order to really connect to yourself, to one another, you have to go someplace new, explore, and have a picnic. Outside.

We must remember to take care of our souls in this way.