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liz lamoreux


a truth i am sinking into:

when you know this is the path (that this is your path), you must show up and do the work.

(even when it is hard and might seem impossible. even when you don't think others will ever get it.)

keeping your heart open and letting hope partner with trust will be important guides along your way.


each time i return from a be present retreat, i struggle with how to share all that unfolded. each retreat has been simply all that i hoped it would be plus whipped cream and cherries and the warmest hug of truth and love one could experience. (seriously, they really have been that good.) the joy retreat was oh my goodness simply fantastic. so much love and light and laughter and beauty. (thank you girls. big. thank you.)

gathering women together and providing space for them to show up as themselves feels as though it will always be my life's work. i am so blessed.

the final day of this retreat was the first time i have been the last person to leave (usually i have a friend or two with me). after walking through the house one more time, i put on my rain boots and headed out for a final walk through the sand. i had so much fun snapping away with my iphone that i feel moved to share a few of these photos with you over the next few days. i am going to pair the photos with a musing of sorts about what i am learning and leaning into as i breathe in the truth of the gifts these retreats give me.