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joy seeker (september)

liz lamoreux


A guest post from Jon:

We were wandering on that stretch of beach near the Point Wilson Lighthouse, and you found a stick in the sand. My first instinct was to keep it away from you for fear of injury, but I knew you needed to be allowed to investigate and explore things in nature. Also, you are currently figuring out how to be quite persistent, so I decided to see how this moment would unfold. You tromped and stomped around in the sand, briefly losing your footing, only to regain it an instant later. You would swing the stick wildly to spread out sand and then move on to another spot. Later, we played with a small stone and tapped it against larger rocks and logs to make music. I always want to remember the sense of discovery you had throughout our adventure on the beach.


the series "joy seeker" is one way i am documenting the "joy" superhero power that ellie jane has. i hope to gather these glimpses here on the blog from her first to second birthday, and then, i will put them all together and have them printed in a small book.