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joy seeker (june)

liz lamoreux


in this moment, you paused in the midst of your snack and looked up at the blue sky and took a breath. your big blue eyes taking in the birds flittering above us and the trees slightly swaying. we talked about how noticing the birds and the trees and the sky and feeling the breeze across our bodies was a way to just be right here sinking into the joy of being alive.

your superhero powers bloom more each day, and i am so glad one of them is that you are a seeker and bringer of joy. as we walk this part of your path together, i will take notes so we can both remember the beauty and joy that surrounds us.


spending time with ali at the your story retreat has inspired me to think about how i can continue to gather words and photos together in more tangible ways. i recently created my first shutterfly book (more on that soon), and i love how simple (and rewarding) it is to pair photos and words together in this digital world. this series, "joy seeker," is going to be one way that i document the "joy" superhero power that ellie jane has. i hope to gather these glimpses here on the blog over the next year, and then around her second birthday, i will put them all together in a book.