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liz lamoreux


july 4 heart

found heart along puget sound

a few people who have been inspiring me lately:

Jenna continues to share her stories about how roller derby makes her brave. This last one is so darn beautiful and true.

Andrea's words about how "we think we move through the world unseen" had me in tears of understanding. So thankful for this post.

Love how Effy came to realize that a small self-care move is enough. Yes, yes, yes! (And she shares a poem inspired by Poem It Out.)

Leonie's self-portraits are simply, profoundly taking my breath away each time I peek in to see what she has shared next.

Jen Louden's post about having lunch with your enemy is one I'm tucking away to read again and again throughout the next few months.

I'm seriously loving Gluten-Free Girl's first book right now. I love how this girl tells a story. And I have been reading her blog more often and am deeply inspired by her family. Here's a hint that you might want to know: It isn't just about being gluten-free. I'm not eating gluten-free right now, but the way she writes is infused with the senses in a way that pulls me in and invites me to want to get into the kitchen and then get out into the world and live.

As we get ready to "go back to school" around here in two weeks and find our way with a new schedule, I've been turning back to Amanda's ebook Zen & the Art of Being a Work-at-Home Mama. This book continues to remind me that I am not alone as I find my way with my family and my business. So thankful for the wisdom here.

What has you inspired over in your corner?