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inspired by ada mae

liz lamoreux


where love resides, a new prayer flag set in the shop

When I find myself surrounded by vintage sewing bits and buttons and paper and fabric, my mind turns to the stories of the women who came before me. One of these women, Ada Mae, died just before I was born. Sometimes though, I imagine that great-grandmothers just might live forever and that Ada Mae lives just a bike ride away. We would have family dinners on Sunday and I would take her for her weekly hair appointments. On Friday afternoons, she would take down her Fostoria crystal tea cups and saucers, and I would bring pastries from Dainty Made Bakery. Some Fridays I would share my newest vintage finds of fabric, buttons, quilt squares, trims…and she would tell me stories about her childhood and wearing skirts made of feed cloth and sleeping under patchwork quilts during her covered wagon adventure from Pennsylvania to Nebraska.


leaning in, a new prayer flag set in the shop

Whenever I find myself surrounded by vintage buttons and fabric and flowers that once adorned Sunday morning hats, I am inspired by Friday afternoon tea with Ada Mae.

All my prayer flag sets are inspired by Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags and Apache burden baskets. Each flag represents a prayer, wish, hope, dream to be sent out into the world. The pockets on the flags are intended to carry your burdens, hopes, worries, and so on that are then released into the world as the flags blow in the breeze. 


i open my heart, a new prayer flag set in the shop

This new series of prayer flags, inspired by afternoons with Ada Mae and created while singing along with The Weepies and Paul Simon and wishing for spring, can now be found in my little shop.


seeking stillness, a new prayer flag set in the shop