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inner excavate-along 2016

liz lamoreux


Join me this summer for another round of the InnerExcavate-along! We start Monday, June 27th!

It's the read-along meets create-along six-week journey into my book Inner Excavation

It's my way of helping you take my book off of your shelf and actually work through it so you can get all the juicy goodness and learning you can out of it. Yes! 

All you need is the book, the course itself is FREE! We'll share our stories and what we're creating and finding in a private Facebook group. 

And for a limited time, Inner Excavation is just $16 plus shipping (list price $24.99). You can find it right here in my shop and then sign up for the read-along below.

I hope you'll join me and invite some friends to come along.


A Little More About the Book

In Inner Excavation, I gathered up many of my favorite ways to unearth pieces of who you are using the mediums of poetry, photography, and mixed media.

This book is really about using self-portraits to tell our stories.

Through the prompts and examples in this book, you'll be inspired to take photos of the everyday beauty around you (and even turn the camera on yourself), find the poet inside you, play with the art supplies you probably already have in your home, and take time to seek stillness in your daily life.

Most importantly, you will explore new ways to dig deeper into the stories just waiting inside you.

How the Inner Excavate-along Works

Each week you'll receive 3-4 emails from me that follow along with the chapters. I've chosen one prompt to dive deeper inside each week, and you can play along with that one or choose the one that speaks to you the most from that chapter. I share some more words about the chapter and my take on the prompt I've chosen to explore. There are videos that I recorded during the first round of this course a couple of years ago, and the course also includes some updates from when I played along last summer. And of course, there will be some new surprises along the way as we journey through it together again.

I can't wait!

What you'll need:

A copy of Inner Excavation

A journal to hold your responses to the prompts

A camera

Simple art supplies if you'd like to play with the art prompts in the book (here's a peek at what I took into my dig site last year)

How to sign up:

First you need the book. After you have the book in your hands, all you need to do is sign up below. (And after the course is over, you'll receive my (almost) weekly newsletter about more adventures in telling our stories and creative self-care, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.) 

If you signed up last year and want to come along, you'll need to sign up again.

Join the Inner Excavate-along

Join the Inner Excavate-along

* indicates required

Be sure to take the time to confirm you signed up via the confirmation email you'll receive from me via MailChimp. This step is really important or you won't receive the course emails. 

To answer a few questions I've received:

Is this only for people who buy the book from you now?

If you already have the book you are invited to come along! I'm so delighted to have those of you who have had my book from the very beginning join us. You can also check my book out from your local library and you might even find a copy at a used bookstore. You can also buy Inner Excavation online at Amazon and other online bookstores.

What supplies do I need?

I've listed a few above, but all you really need is a notebook and your curiosity and an open heart. You could just work through the writing prompts. You could use your phone to have fun with the photography prompts. And you could take simple art supplies like crayons and colored pencils and magazines to dive into the art prompts. 

Let this be simple.

I will share supply resources as I share my own responses to the prompts along with a brief supply list of items I'm carrying with me into my dig site. 

Do I really need the book? 

We'll be reading through the book together, so the stories being shared and prompts people will be responding to in our Facebook group are all in the book. They won't be listed somewhere else.

And, there's an energy exchange here that is really important to me (and hopefully is to you too). Meaning, I gathered up all these juicy prompts and shared stories in the book and asked a few artists to join me, and I put them all together in a book that I'm holding out to you right from my heart. And now I'm inviting you to come along and dive into it all with me in a private Facebook group where I'll be holding space and cheering you on. So yes, the course is free, but having a copy of the book from whatever means works for you feels right to me. If you don't have the book and don't plan to get a copy, this course really isn't for you.

What if I'm traveling during the course?

The awesome thing about this course is that the emails arrive in your inbox and you can work with them whenever you have time. So you really don't get behind, you just go through the course at your pace. The Facebook group will remain open indefinitely, so you can share and connect whenever you want to. 

I signed up but I haven't received any emails yet. What's going on?

Your first email should come within hours after you sign up. If it hasn't arrived, be sure to check your promotions folder. Often course emails appear in different folders in your inbox, so be sure to watch for it there. Also check spam and even do a quick search for my name to see if your email is hiding somewhere. Because so many of us check our email on our phones, often it's been accidentally deleted or archived. Also, if you use a plugin like unroll.me, you might not receive the emails due to your settings, so be sure to check them.

Why is the course free?

One of my biggest hopes is to help women get out of this loop: Buying more "stuff" and ecourses and books to help them tell their stories and live their dreams only to watch them get overwhelmed and not actually do the "stuff" they want to do. 

This is my way of saying, "Let's take one of the books off of our shelves and really dive into it in community and see what we find. Let's get out of the gathering of ideas phase and actually get to the doing. Let's hold hands as we go so we can gently hold each other accountable and help one another push throug the hard moments." It's my way of helping you build a bridge from your daily life to more really good days.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I hope you'll come along.