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i want...

liz lamoreux


i want to write something. i want to write something that will resonate and remind you of where you come from and push you to think about where you want to go. i want to remember all that i know so that in the moments where the quiet feels more like empty, i will hear truth instead of fear. i want to write the words whipping around my mind but i do not want you to read them. i want to write until my fingers are numb and my mind sits instead of twirls. i want to hold on to your hand and trust that you will lead me through the darkness. i want to write each word down until the lists make sense. i want to let go. i want to sift through all of it until i find you me. i want to dig deeper until i hear only my breath. i want to write until everything makes sense. i want to see. i want to know. i will come back to me now. and let go of the wants and the wishing until it hurts. i will come back to me. and i will breathe. i will close my eyes and breathe until that is all there is.