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i didn't take a photo...

liz lamoreux

I didn’t take a photo of a little girl’s determined face as she insisted on music, no this song, right now.

I didn’t take a photo of joy when the little girl’s arms swayed overhead finding their own rhythm as she moved her hips and stomped her foot, right then left, repeat repeat repeat.

I didn’t take a photo when she giggled and ran into her mother’s arms so they could rock back and forth during her favorite part.

I didn’t take a photo of a little girl beginning to sing as she twirled in circles, her face raised toward the sky.

I didn’t take a photo of a mother’s face filled with so much love that it surrounded them like a forcefield.

I didn’t take a photo… 

I stayed right there soaking up every second. 


Sometimes people ask me how I balance capturing “this moment” with experiencing this moment. Often, I just let go of the need to get the photo. I try to open my eyes and heart to take in as much as I can: what I see, hear, feel, hope, know in that moment. When I do this, sometimes I even sense that there is something greater than me shining a light on it all…trust perhaps…love for sure. And then later, if I remember, I try to write down all that I can…letting my words tell the story. 


A few songs on our current favorite playlist: 

Don’t Stop Believin’ [Glee version]

Rumour Has It [Adele]

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard [Paul Simon]

Stronger [Kelly Clarkson]

Love You Like a Love Song [Selena Gomez and the Scene]

The Cave [Mumford and Sons]

Somebody that I Used to Know [Goyte]

Graceland [Paul Simon]

Happy Feet (Musica per i vostri piedi, madame) [Paolo Conte]

Rockin’ Robin [Michael Jackson]