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i am beauty :: an invitation

liz lamoreux

I am open. I am curious. I am swirling laughter. I am 2 a.m. exhaustion. I am echoing kindreds. I am soft. I am fierce. I am folding. I am stretching. I am trust. I am light. I am love. I am beauty.


Over on Chickadee Road our October theme is "I am beauty." We are exploring all that this phrase can mean and we will be sharing stories about how this phrase came to be one of the most important ones Kelly and I each turn to, the ways we struggle with believing it, the ways we stand tall in its truth, and a few other good things. 


self-portrait by kelly

Kelly writes: I am giggles.  I am love. I am an irish warrior girl. I am everyday simple.  I am rare. I am on my way. I am velvety pinks. I am color. I am me. I am beauty.

an invitation

We would love for each of you to come along and share your own self-portraits + "I am" poem notes inspired by "I am beauty." Over on Chickadee Road, we are already sharing some reader photos + words. To participate follow these steps:

1) Join the Chickadee Road Flickr group.

2) Take a self-portrait (or choose one from your archives) and pair it with words inspired by the prompt "I am beauty."

3) Share your photo + words in the group.

A few times a week throughout the month, we will be sharing a few of your photos + words. (We will ask first and send you a little Chickadee Road love in the mail as a thank you.) 

You also might want to turn this into a weekly (or monthly or even daily) practice where you take a photo and pair it with an "I am" statement. Feel free to share these photos with your kindreds in the Flickr group.

We both keep visualizing October as a month where we can all help one another remember that we each are beauty. 

AND I hope you will take some time to settle in with a cup of tea and watch the video conversation we've shared that is all about self-portraits and body image.