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home. savoring.

liz lamoreux


backyard blanket fun

the sound of millie walking through the halls

the feel of my own pillow under my cheek

the happy pink flowers still blooming in pots

being part of Hannah's The Joy Up (still a bit of time to join us)

watching the olympics

just enough shade and slight breeze to stay cool when it's hot

unexpectedly finding peanut m&ms in the cupboard

huge juicy sweet local strawberries

poetry being shared in a safe, open space

ideas flowing while flying and unable to grab a pen but still remembering them hours later

finding a space of ease between us

watching her sniff the peppers, squash, tomatoes, and mushrooms and then put them back without taking a bite (we hadn't purchased them yet, so this was a good move)

knowing that in a few weeks i will be unpacking my creative world into a new studio space


i saw a note on facebook this weekend about how sometimes social media can invite us to feel like we aren't doing enough cool things or hanging out with enough cool people and so on. i get this; i really do. but that feeling that comes up, i believe what we do with it is a choice.

today, i invite you to just make a list of what you are savoring or what you love in your home or your favorite moments from the last week. just make a simple list and let go of comparing and just notice and choose to live inside this moment...