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holding compassion and love {a guided audio meditation}

liz lamoreux


On a day like today, when many of us wish we could do more for the people suffering the devastation in Haiti from yesterday's earthquake, I would like a share a meditation with you that can be used to hold people in your heart with compassion and love.
There are some good resources out there that share information about organizations accepting donations and other things. This article at USA Today seems particularly clear and helpful. Denise has also shared some great links in this post. Please share any other links or information you have that you trust.
The following meditation is one that I turn to when I learn someone is experiencing difficult times or grief and I cannot be right there to offer support in person. I light a candle and imagine them and close my eyes and begin to find my breath. This meditation can also be used when you want to send compassion and love to someone on any day. The truth is, we all need compassion and love and sharing it is a beautiful gift we can give one another. 
When you are ready to begin, find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be distracted or interupted. Then click on "Holding Compassion" below. The meditation takes less than ten minutes. If you have questions, please feel free to email me.
Blessings and light,

Holding Compassion