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here: retreat prep

liz lamoreux

More retreat supplies #feastretreat

it's to-do lists next to to-do lists

and grocery shopping

and laying out several possible outfits for EJ in case her daddy has trouble getting her dressed

it's freshly laundered stacked vintage quilts

next to super secret good stuff + my favorite pens

next to art supplies, a new instax, and starry lights

next to spices, a food processor, and pepitas

it's picking up my partner in crime at the airport

one last run to Target

and squeezing in a haircut

it's a basket of poetry

two suitcases full of books

and one vintage typewriter

it's slowing down to soak it up

it's counting down the minutes until they arrive

it's creating space to feel the expectations

and deciding again and again to just show up as me

it's opening my heart to this

yes, this.