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liz lamoreux

backyard play time

Ellie and I hang out while everyone else works hard

A few notes from here:

An update: Ellie is doing great off her medicine so far! This means she has been in sinus rhythm and is showing no signs of being in distress off the medication. We are waiting the results of her 24-hour heart monitoring (which happened earlier this week), and if all goes well, she will be off of it. For good! Being able to let her sleep for the first time since she was just a few weeks old is a whole new world to all of us. We don't have to wake her up to give her a dose anymore. (Whole. New. World.)

Studio excitement: My new studio is under construction! A few of the men in my life + my mom are making amazing things happen over here. I am so lucky. On Monday I will share some photos of how far things are. It is kind of unbelievable (as in they are even building the ceiling in a way that the garage door can still go up and down. I just keep shaking my head in wonder.) If you are following me on Instagram or over at Flickr, you've been getting a few glimpses of the goodness.

How are things over there? I'm thinking about you (yes you) and wondering...