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liz lamoreux

new blue wall . the little room

the view from here:


  • a visit from a partner in crime and friend
  • one studio freshly painted (and truly found underneath all the stuff)
  • a carload or two of that stuff to goodwill
  • rediscovery of so many good things that fill my heart with joy
  • many moments of laughter so loud we almost woke the baby
  • juicy brainstorming for so much that is to come
  • nods of "yes, i get that. totally."
  • mug after mug of coffee
  • a moment in the quiet overwhelmed by kindness
  • a smoothie that looked like she added algae (like from a fish tank) [it was super good]
  • a very specific wish or two released into the universe
  • plans hatched (the midwest retreat is gonna be so good. like big. like oh this is the way life is gonna go now. hold on. it is gonna be awesome.)
  • another reminder that showing up as you is the way to find others who will see you
  • another reminder that it is through love (and letting ourselves be loved) that we heal