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hand to heart

liz lamoreux

The words above hang on the wall at my retreats. I wrote them last year as I focused on what I most wanted the experience to be for all of us. It really comes down to a safe space where we can each just show up as our whole selves.


As Hand to Heart has grown into an intimate, nurturing comunity over these last few weeks, it's become apparent to me that the safe space created at the retreats now has an online home.

And this feels like pure magic to me. 

The magic rests inside the way that the members of this community are using this safe space. Some of them have a quiet presence, sharing mostly with me via email. Others check in with the group on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. Some turn to the montly practice each day; others adapt the practice to support their own ongoing self-care. Each person is finding a way to create space for what they need.

The thread that runs through it all is this simple but life-changing act of pausing to bring your hand to your heart, taking a deep breath, and listening to what you know.


On this Monday morning, as I sit here in my studio with blue sky peeking in on me through the window, I know this: My deepest wish for you is that you remember you don’t have to go it alone. 

Hand to Heart is my offering of a companion for your journey. It’s a soft place to land on the tough days. It’s a safe space to practice connection. It’s an invitation to listen and remember what you know. 

Together, we stand tall in the defiant act of seeking beauty even in the midst of the hard, messy times. We practice bravery as we share the stories of how we hold grief in one hand and joy in the other. And we do this by just showing up as ourselves each day.

This program is meant to be a support for where you are right now. Think of it like a companion that helps you reconnect with yourself while guiding you in creating space within and around you. It can be a quiet source of support, always there even as you venture into other online communities and ecourses. Or it can be a daily space for connection. You get to choose how it best fits in your day-to-day life.

Upcoming Practices

In May, we'll explore the practice of "get outside." From taking five deep breaths to artist dates to photography walks to simply letting the sunshine warm our shoulders, we'll look at ways to connect with the world around us as a way to support us on our paths. 

In June, we'll explore the practice of making just "one move" each day that supports our self-care and being present practices.

And this is the part where I tell you: It is okay to come along just for one month or to pick and choose what months work for you. I deeply appreciate how full our lives are. If you feel May's practice calling to you, come along for just one month of community and connection as you explore this practice. 

UPDATE I'm excited to share that Hand to Heart is now a free community of kindred spirits on Facebook. Learn more about Hand to Heart and request to join right here.