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liz lamoreux


Last Friday, I felt an urge to give away four of my "You Are Loved" Soul Mantra lockets. When I put up the post on my blog, I decided to ask people to share who they would give the locket to if they won.

Your responses blew my heart wide open.

I was deeply moved by the first few comments that started trickling in. And it didn't take long for me to realize that magic was about to unfold (and that I'd have to give away more than four lockets; I'm sending out eight this week). People coming over from Pinterest, long-time readers of my blog, and others paused to really think about this phrase, "You Are Loved," and who might most need to hear it.

As I read those comments, I kept wondering what might happen if every person who left a comment (or thought about leaving one) shared their words with the person they love. What if they said, "I miss you. I love you." Or wrote letters saying, "I see you. You are the strongest person I know. You are loved." Or stood in front of the mirror breathing through the truth that yes even they are loved.

What would happen if you shared your wisdom, truth, and love with the person who most needs to hear from you today?

I really dare you to take the risk and tell them. 

with gratitude

I truly am so grateful for this gift of being able to create talismans that people carry with them on their journeys. Hammering phrases like "Always trust your cape" or the last words someone's grandmother spoke or "You are never alone" changes my life over here. I am reminded that I am not alone in the desire to feel seen and understood, and there is magic in the energy exchange between us. I feel it and I thank you. 

In that spirit, I'm having a "spring is almost here" sale. Use code ALMOSTSPRING to receive 15% off of your order in my shop today and tomorrow. (To use the code, just click on "Apply coupon code" above the "item total" column when you check out and then enter the code.)

Quick note: My daughter and I are taking an impromptu trip to the midwest next week, so I'll be closing my shop for about two weeks starting this Sunday. In anticipation of being gone, I'm not taking custom orders at this time. They will resume when I return later this month. 

Sending light and love to your corner of the world,