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getting your photos off of your phone

liz lamoreux

A theme is arising in my world and work: I really want you to get your photos off of your phones and computers and into your hands.

As a group of us begin the Inner Excavate-along today and dive into some self-portrait prompts and other photo adventures, I've had some questions about easy ways to print photos from your phone. So I'm compiling a list of services I've used along with other possibilities that I've sourced through recommendations from the beautiful souls over on Facebook. As I use other services and find other resources, I'll update this list. Note that these are in no particular order of preference.

Social Print Studio

I've also used Social Print Studio and am a huge fan of the different styles they have, especially the miniprints. The quality is great! And I think the photostrips could be super fun for self-portraits.


We've been using Postagram for years to send easy postcards to grandparents and even to one another (perfect when Ellie and I are visiting family while Jon's at home). Love this simple way of sharing photos or sending yourself or someone in your own home a note in the mail! (And as soon as I press publish, I'm going to send some postcards because seriously if ever you wanted to key to a grandparents heart it is photos in the mail.)

4x4 prints from Walgreens


I'd heard that Walgreens has an easy to use app that interfaces with Instagram and your phone and that they print square photos. And I'm happy to report that I used it and loved it! This is the perfect way to get same-day printed photos if you aren't printing them at home. They even print 8x8 so now I can put my favorite peony photo up in my studio because as you might have guessed if you follow me on Instagram, I miss them big time.

8x8 print from Walgreens


I haven't used the kiosk at Target yet, but I've heard that you can easily connect your phone and print photos right there. Another same-day possibility. (And I can tell you with certainty that they won't have fans or kiddie pools right now. At least in Tacoma. Because it is hot hot hot here and there is not a pool or fan in site! I did find these though. Smitten.)


I've used PostalPix over the years and really like the quality of their photos. The app is super easy to use too. You can read my previous post about them right here.


4x4 prints from Sticky9


I heart Sticky9 and the border around the 4x4 photos as shown above. As I mentioned in this post, you can easily choose your Instagram photos and place a quick order. The prints come with a white border that I'm a bit obsessed with. They also print fun square magnets from your IG photos. (Use code FRIEND10W9P for 15% off your first order!)

A few other options:

I've heard really good things about Persnickity PrintsGroovebook (though it isn't clear to me if they send prints or only books), Kanvess (which does prints), and Chatbooks (which sends you photo books only but I'm so going to sign up for this service this month!).

Printing at home

As I've mentioned, I currently use three printers to print my photos at home. My new Canon Selphy CP910 prints 4x6 photos and the Instax Share prints those adorable credit card size photos. And I use an older version of this Epson to print photos from my computer (so this usually means the photos from my Canon Rebel). I don't think you need three printers, but I use them at my retreats, so having a few choices makes sense in my world.

And as part of my collaboration with eBay, I've written an article that reviews these three printers plus one more that I use at home to print my photos from my phone and computer. 

Note: Most of these services via apps are just in the United States (though some do ship internationally so check them out!). If you have resources for other countries, please share them in the comments. And if you use other apps to print photos, I'd love to hear about them! Thank you!