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liz lamoreux

while cleaning out purses in my closet. march, 2013.

lists from Ikea (3)
pen (blue, purple, pink)
lip balm (5)
petrified peanut m&ms (3)
a bill for the anesthesia from my c-section
grocery lists, things to not forget lists, things i want to tell you lists
gum wrappers
my favorite sunglasses lost for 2.5 years (update: lost again)
a pair of clean underwear
(when your five-week old is sent to the pediatric ICU and you don't go home for five days, you start carrying a pair everywhere, even years later)
one tiny baby sock (pink and green stripes)  
about $4.80 in change
three handkerchiefs
superhero trading card
burp cloth
ponytail holders (10 or more)
tiny hair clippies (8)
three $1 bills
five teeny legs from a dead spider
business cards from artists I wish I knew
receipts from retreats in 2010, 2011, and 2012
tissues and more tissues
a fortune
a forgotten wallet with
Social Security card 
half-filled punchcards
Starbucks gift card
a ring made out of vintage buttons
small cup of almonds + cranberries
two pairs of wrist warmers  


I found this post in my drafts. I didn't post it at the time because I thought it needed a photo. Because somewhere along the way all posts had to have photos. But it paints its own photo I think. No photo needed.