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five (really) good things

liz lamoreux

December 9

one bite at a time . december 9

On this Sunday evening, as Christmas music plays and necklaces are waiting to be packaged and a house is waiting to be cleaned, I feel moved to bring this old favorite blog post category of mine out for a spin again...

1) "A Very She & Him Christmas" is fantastic. Yep. I see lots of twirling in our future over here. (In fact, I could see it even inviting one to want to dance cheek to cheek with someone after some holiday cheer. Bring on the eggnog!)

2) I adore Kristin's ebook Unspiking the Holiday Punch. In this little treasure of a book, Kristin invites you to realize that you are your own best support system during the holidays. She provides beautiful, accessible practices that will serve you during this time of year (and always). As you navigate the many roles you play during the holidays, this book will become a companion and light for you. Give yourself this gift of self-care and check it out.

3) This morning while eating breakfast, I watched Sark's TEDx talk. How I adore her. Take some time to watch this video and soak up each word. Every time I hear her voice, I remember being in my little apartment in college curled up on my small loveseat listening to her message on the Inspiration Line and feeling like she was the only person who really "got me." I am 99% sure I am going to her workshop at Tea House next Spring and I am so excited about it! I've met her once at a book signing, but spending the weekend learning from her will totally be a dream come true.

4) Ellie is loving puzzles by Melissa and Doug. The safari animal puzzle is a favorite because she can stand the animals up and play with them. Her favorite game right now is "take things from this spot and move them one at a time to that spot" all over the house. So these puzzle pieces move from the ottoman to the couch (one at a time) then to the hallway and on and on. And I think the farm animal version might just have to be under the tree Christmas morning.

5) Oh and she is talking...like more than just the three words I thought she was saying talking...and she has been for a while now but I have just not been understanding her. But as she ate during the moment captured above, I realized she had been saying, "Good job" to herself when she would get a bite into her mouth. Yep. Awesome. And then this morning she said, "Good morning" and and and... So, it's time to be quiet and listen more over here.

And you? What five really good things are around you in your world? Dare you to share them right now.