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current great.ly favorites

liz lamoreux

print by Colour Moon over on Great.ly

I keep meaning to tell you that I'm curating some awesome handmade goods over on Great.ly, which is a site where makers and tastemakers can connect. Even though I'm actually a maker, I'm using the site with my "tastemaker" hat on, which is the one I wear as that person who has more than 3 million Pinterest followers. (Still seems crazy to type that.)

As a Great.ly tastemaker, I curate my own little storefront of handmade goods I love and then share them with my peeps. When a love match is made between the maker and the buyer, Great.ly gives me a small commission. This has been a fun way for me to find new artists and curate products in a different way.

Here are a few of my current favorites:

This ring from Marja Germans Gard Studio looks like a crystal but is really made from recycled silver. Gorgeous.

Cats are my bag from Xenotees. Because dude, cat things are really in and this bag is adorbs and if my mom and Jon weren't super allergic to cats, we'd totally have one. I gave Jon one of their tees (different design) a few years ago for Christmas. We're fans.

The Love + Salt Beach Mist by Olivine Atelier is currently in my shopping cart. It just looks awesome. And sometimes you just need to pretend you're at the beach.

So no surprise that I love this terarrium by Sea & Asters. I'm obsessed with anything involving an air plant these days. 

This make your own kangaroo kit is adorable. I actually have one that's a dinosaur that I'm starting soon. It looks pretty darn doable.

Hope you have fun exploring Great.ly. Lots of new (to me) makers over there creating the coolest things!