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current favorites {may}

liz lamoreux


Over here, May is all about being in the midst of moving and choosing paint colors and kitchen cabinets and getting the last of all the things from the old house into the new and putting that house on the market. It's a beautiful and messy time. (And I'm sharing peeks at the new house over on IG using #thehouseofmagicalbluesky.)

As lots of stories are stacking up, waiting to be shared, I thought I'd make a list today of my current favorite things. These are the things that are keeping me going over here - from helping me stay organized to inviting in some deep breaths.


The "hello" welcome mat from Target makes me smile every time I see it at the front door. It's possible this house is going to have just about every shade of blue in it.

I'm rereading the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny. I. Love. These. Books. She's an incredible, thoughtful writer who happens to write detective stories. They aren't gory mysteries. They're beautiful stories about what it's like to be human - the setting just happens to be a small town in Canada where murders seem to happen. Highly recommend them.

After visiting Lori Portka last month and drinking her delicious coffee, I bought a milk frother. (It's possible I can't stop myself from sharing photos of foam and froth on IG. It's crazy how happy it makes me.)

I'm using my Trust Yourself perfume oil from Anna Wingfield daily. Always. It is my favorite scent to wear (photo from Anna's shop).

I've been eying the "OK" vase from the Oh Joy collection for a while now and finally bought it. Those of you on my newsletter list know that our golden Millie died the day before we got the keys to our new home. These letters are helping me just remember that all is okay, even when it feels upside down, like it has without her.

My favorite go-to inspiration deck from Kris Carr with illustrations by my friend Lori Portka. I'm choosing one every day. Lori's illustrations are like balm for my heart.

Love using Staedtler pens in my planner and my journals. Whenever I share them on social media, someone asks about them. They are awesome for coloring too! And because I (mostly) keep them in their case, I can usually find them amidst the chaos.

My Get To Work Book is helping me hold it all together. From ideas for articles I'm writing to paint colors to notes for future ecourses to just noting the days I do my practice - I'm finally getting into a groove with using a planner. I'm so glad I didn't give up. I'm a person who holds my to-do list in my head, which really is never the way to go. And it's taken me months to finally use it (almost) regularly. The new school year planner is out and I'm loving the black covers! (In the next few weeks, I'll share a post about how I'm using the GTWB and what I love about it.

The beanbag pouf from Pier1 (shown above) is my new favorite chair. It's possible my mom bought one for Ellie's new room and then when it was our only chair in the new house, I couldn't stop myself from buying one for me. It's my current go-to perch for working.

And pictured in the photo at the top, my vintage suitcases are acting as tables and desks right now in my studio. I've found several at flea markets and antique stores, but Etsy has some awesome options too.

Note that some of these links are affiliates, which means I receive a small commission if you purchase through the link. All photos are copyright to the businesses and makers mentioned.

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