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come along to luvocracy

liz lamoreux

a peek at my luvocracy page

I'm having so much fun over on Pinterest these days gathering inspiration and recipes and dreaming of creating more white space and finally creating the bedroom I long for. So, today, I'm really excited to introduce you to a new site that is a bit like Pinterest meets Amazon...but an Amazon that sells just about anything on the web, including handmade.

Meet Luvocracy.

On Luvocracy, you create collections (similar to Pinterest boards) of your favorite product recommendations. Then when friends and family (or blog readers) ask you about your favorite clothes or the items you would gather for a home retreat or your little one's favorite things, you can send them to your Luvocracy page. It's kind of like curating your own little shop of goodness.

When you are looking at someone's Luvocracy collection and want to buy an item or two, Luvocracy will actually handle the transaction for you. So you just have to give one site your credit card information and they do the rest including finding sold out products and handling contact with the retailer if a product doesn't arrive etc.

And here is one really fun aspect of Luvocracy: When someone buys a product you recommend, you are rewarded with a small commission of the sale. Love that they want to reward their users in this way; literally rewarding the users who are building the site through their participation and word-of-mouth advertising.   

Last month, I went to a dinner with some of the people who are working to grow this site. It was so interesting to get to see first hand the excitement people have when their startup is about to launch. They really are dreaming about changing the way we shop online and it is going to be fun to see how it all unfolds.

Luvocracy is just getting started, so those of us beginning to explore the site have the opportunity to give them really great feedback as they grow. I think about how fun it would have been to be one of the first few thousand users of Pinterest giving feedback.

Join me over on Luvocracy here.